Our Mission

At ClearStone, we don’t believe in business as usual. Great recruiting looks past the obvious buzz words and acronyms to create corporate, cultural and interpersonal matches because in the end it’s about people.


Recruiting Solutions for Accounting and Finance 
Headquartered  in Silicon Valley we serve clients clients from Canada to Mexico. The West Coast of the United State is one of the most dynamic regions in the world. Where innovation, education and pure guts combine to create the environment that has brought the world many of the most amazing products ever invented and some of most iconic companies in existence today. You can count on us to understand the real world challenges of managing a business and the critical importance of building a world class team.


“Look past the resume – Look past the job description. It’s about people.”

ClearStone combines real world industry experience with extensive recruiting knowledge to produce consistent results. When you need to fill a key role we can help.


Building a Relationship with Every Client and Every Candidate

Recruiting can be an impersonal process, but at ClearStone, we are working hard to change that and bring a fresh outlook to the recruiting process. We believe in bringing people together and building personal relationships.